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Develop a SLEEP plan with Dr. Rubel

Custom treatment plans for snoring and sleep apnea, see Dr. Rubel at Hawkeye Sleep Center

At Hawkeye Sleep Center you never have to worry about a “cookie cutter” approach to your issues with snoring and OSA. We treat each patient individually and customize a treatment plan for each. See just a small sampling of the devices we can custom create for you today.


Adjustable PM Postioner

  • Excellent option for those who clench their teeth
  • Made of a comfortable thermoplastic material

EMA Custom

  • Flexible elastic bands comfortably hold the jaw forward to open airway


  • Treats blockages in the nose and throat that cause snoring and OSA
  • Excellent option for those suffering from nasal congestion
  • Made of a comfortable thermoplastic material

ResMed Narval CC

  • Made of a light, flexible and durable material
  • Digitally designed and manufactured for a precise fit


  • You can drink and speak while wearing
  • Customizable for those who grind their teeth or who would like to use in conjunction wtih CPAP
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Ultimate Sleep Apnea Guide

Sleep apnea can be a serious problem if not controlled by a professional. In this comprehensive guide, we discuss everything from the causes of sleep apnea, common symptoms, and possible treatments. Don't let your sleep apnea go untreated!

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