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Children and Sleep Problems

Children, adolescents and young adults can have sleep problems just like adults. In order to help you evaluate whether or not a young person has a sleeping problem or disorder, you should consider the following warning signs:

  • If you notice a lot of daytime sleepiness or lethargy you should take note. Often described as excessive daytime sleepiness or EDS, regular and excessive sleepiness during the day is a warning sign. 
  • Constant complaints about not being able to sleep. Although many factors can create diffciulty sleeping in younger people, it is not common for this to be long term. 
  • Sleep Walking can be a common occurrence in children. Prolonged episodes of sleep walking can be dangerous and should be evaluated.

Sleep problems and disorders in children and young people can often be mis-diagnosed as behavioral issues. If you have a child that is constantly complaining about sleep related problems, make sure that you take him or her to see their pediatrician for a thorough medical examination.

In children who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea or a sleep disorder there are many different treatment options.

  • They may need to have tonsils and/or adenoids removed
  • CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure therapy 
  • Diet & Exercise 
  • Dental mouthpiece appliance

Contact Hawkeye Sleep Center for a meeting to evaluate the extent of our child's sleeping issues or concerns.


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